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I know too well the fractured politics that divide and cause uncertainty. My approach is different.

I am not looking at the extremes on either side. I’m looking at the middle, where we can share common ground to move Pueblo forward. I am a conservative and my approach to every political problem is to pinpoint where we can start the conversation and build the understanding.

Pueblo isn’t monolithic in its political landscape. Pueblo isn’t Democrat or Republican, Independent or Libertarian. Pueblo is people. Pueblo is the product of generations of families who, while their politics might differ, share the same values of family, freedom and safety.

Pueblo is football rivalries, green chile, Lake Pueblo and sunshine. It’s the Home of Heroes. Pueblo has it all – the small-town feel with bigger city ambition.

Let’s get back to basics.

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Ready for a new chapter in Pueblo?

I’m hearing it repeatedly: People want change. They want to look beyond party labels. The status quo of divisive politics isn’t getting us far in terms of solving the issues that face our community. We’ve had years of focus on division. I want to focus on what unites us. We all want freedom, safety, and economic opportunity. We want a government that will work for us, not against us.

Puebloans shouldn’t have to worry about our government. We should be confident that our community’s interests are paramount to those that serve on our behalf.

Service is a privilege. If elected to serve you, my sole focus will be to do the job you have hired me to do.


Why Choose Paula as Your 
County Commissioner? 

Public Safety⟶
Infrastructure ⟶
Economic Development ⟶

Public Safety

Ensuring that your tax dollars are spent wisely will be of great importance to me. Tax dollars are collected to provide for the public good. They provide resources for the necessary services a safe and healthy community needs to grow and thrive. The county budget must align resources to the activities which provide those public services. That is my priority.

  • Pueblo County Jail – the construction of the jail is one component of public safety improvements that have been needed for many years. This project, when completed, will provide a safe place for our officers and those in public custody. In addition, there are opportunities for growth and access for Pueblo West when the construction is completed. I will safeguard the resources necessary to complete this project and for the needs beyond that point.
  • Adequate budgets for the sheriff’s department and other departments which serve the public good are also a priority for me.
  • The unhoused or homelessness – We must be able to make Pueblo a safe place. Those struggling with addiction and mental illness struggle with homelessness. They wander our roadways and live by the river or on the streets. We need to find a way to help improve their lives, not just maintain the status quo. I don’t believe Pueblo’s strategy should be co-dependency. We need a plan and a vision for how to help and heal. We have plenty of resources to assist those who struggle. We can offer help, but living on the streets forever cannot be part of that strategy. We need a plan and one voice on this issue from our community.

    We also need to preserve our way of life. We should be able to shop without worry and drive our roadways without fear. Our downtown should reflect a vibrant Pueblo. We have many nonprofit organizations, churches, and government programs that can and do help. I don’t have the answers to this problem; I’m listening for real solutions. Government alone cannot fix this. We must have a government that supports community standards and public safety as a priority. Enforcement of our existing laws is critical.

My pledge is to work with our other county commissioners and city officials as well as our various nonprofits, churches, law enforcement, and government agencies to develop one voice and one response. We can’t solve this problem without working together. As your commissioner, I’m committed to finding answers that reinforce the priorities of public health and safety. We can make a difference.

Infrastructure Built on Steel

Roads and other infrastructure are another basic provision paid for by your tax dollars. These needs are first line for me. Maintaining and improving infrastructure will be a priority in budgeting decisions. Working with Pueblo County staff, we will continue to plan for these needs now and in the future.

Economic Development

Our challenges are our opportunities to show Colorado why Pueblo is different. We decide our future, not Denver. We get to manage our land and our economic priorities. We can attract new business and industry with a safe, vibrant community. I’m going to continue the work to build an environment where businesses can thrive and not be hampered by burdensome government processes.

Working together, we can accomplish great things. As your Pueblo County Commissioner, I will be a force to lead this effort. I hope you will allow me to earn your trust and your vote in November 2024.


Display a yard sign, wave signs, help us at a fundraiser or talk to your neighbords. We appreciate any help you can offer to our cause.

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