Republican Assembly

March 19, 2024

Thank you everyone.  My name is Paula McPheeters and I accept, with gratitude, your nomination for Pueblo County Commissioner for D2.

Tonight, I am surrounded by my family and many friends to begin this journey of the next eight months.  I am the proud wife of my best friend, Ron.  I am the mom of two incredible young men, Grant and Vance.

I am a Pueblo native and graduate of Pueblo South High School, the University of Southern Colorado and University of Colorado – Denver.  I am now finishing my career at Pueblo Community College.  All my work to this point has led me to this moment!

I am the daughter of a Pueblo steelworker. My mom, the hardest worker I know. I am the product of a time in Pueblo where we watched one industry suffer decline and Pueblo had to work to reinvent itself.

This is another defining moment of reinvention for our community. We have outgrown a political environment that has kept us stuck in one place. I believe it’s time for a new kind of leadership in Pueblo – one that isn’t tied to old ways of doing things.  One that isn’t caustic and divisive, shaming others into agreement.

Pueblo is not monolithic in its politics. We vote for the person, not the party. Political offices should not be solely about candidates but about the people who are represented and the work that must be done.

Pueblo is poised for greater things.  We need representation that can meet our needs now and plan for tomorrow.  Those millions of dollars in county tax revenue are your tax dollars.  The county is the steward of that money, and the commissioner is the one you trust to make the tough decisions in how it is spent.

This job can be described in one word – Stewardship. Whoever you elect in this job is entrusted to do the work for you, to ensure services provided by your government are what is needed.

I have the integrity, knowledge and experience to do this job. I can be that steward.

My priorities are public safety, infrastructure, economic development and transparency.  We all know we have challenges with each of these priorities.

The reality is we must tackle each one with the understanding that they won’t be solved overnight.  We need thoughtful planning and decision making to get things done.

We need frank conversations about what makes our community safe, vibrant, and healthy.  We need strategies that work to solve, not perpetuate community challenges.

We must fully fund our law enforcement and support those who work so hard to protect us. We need to enforce our laws and ordinances. We must ensure Pueblo is safe and healthy for everyone.

Improving roads, drainage, and water systems takes money, time, and collaboration. I will devote all three to this effort.

The life of a community is affected by business growth and workforce opportunities.  Pueblo must be open for business. I will dedicate my efforts to creating an environment that grows a skilled workforce.

Pueblo has both a university and a community college. I will engage both to help Pueblo become a viable possibility for workforce development.  Our public-school leadership will also be important to this conversation.

We need to continue to build a reputation as a safe, affordable place to do business, raise a family, play, enjoy retirement and do life.

How you interact with your government and how it interacts with you is the basis of transparency.  I want to see county collaboration in getting you the infrastructure needed for complete transparency. Whether it be through traditional media, social media, websites or town halls. You should be engaged at the level you want.

I’m in this race to represent all citizens of Pueblo County.  I’m going to spend the next year listening and learning.  I don’t have all the answers to every challenge we face – but by collaborating, I will learn what is needed to do this job well.

2024 presents us with an opportunity to change the way Pueblo engages in civic leadership.

I am interested in serving you as a fellow citizen, friend and colleague.  My long-term goal is to help Pueblo grow into the absolute best place to live both now and for many years to come.  I’m running today, but thinking about tomorrow, the next 10 to 20 years.

I’m an optimist.  I am a person of strong faith. We should never lose sight that things can get better. That each of us, in our own way, can contribute and make a difference.

To my family and friends, thank you for helping me launch a new brand of leadership for Pueblo. Something I’d like to call pragmatic optimism.  Or said another way, Logical Hope.  

We are going to make history.  I am so excited and so grateful for each of you.

I am Paula McPheeters, your candidate for Pueblo County Commissioner D2 and I appreciate your support.

Thank you!




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